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Doo- Bee Toys & Games Ltd was founded by a group of passionate and successful High-Tech executives. However if you watched them during a brainstorming session where they put their heads together to work on a new game or toy, They all forget about their age, their day jobs, and lose themselves in the magical world they wish to create for anyone ready to play.

The ideas are flowing from one to another, dressing up with a variety of colors and rules, and the volume and enthusiasm are sky rising. Another new idea has emerged; another new enchanting invention has been born. Another new game is yearning to be built. Now is the time to work.

Years of working together have given birth not only to numerous great inventions, but also to a creative team whose members feed off each other's enthusiasm, pushing a good idea to its limits until it becomes yet another product providing entertainment to millions around the world.

Lights-Out press conference in Japan

Doo-Bee Toys has worked closely with its partners in the toy industry from starting in the idea generation to the product launch.Such cooperation resulted in the success of the Lights Out series by the Lights Out Group along with Tiger Electronics (Hasbro), Hidato by Gameblend Studios, the I-Top by Irwin Toys and Nextoy, the LuminoDisc by Bandai and Nextoy, and Nim-X and the diamond lights out by Gamez.

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