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Hidato is an easy to learn, difficult to master puzzle that challenges the player to discover the hidden path within the grid. No guesswork is involved. No mathematics required. You need only careful thought and determination to solve these pure logic challenges. Each Hidato puzzle start with a grid partially filled numbers. The goal is to fill the grid with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically or diagonally. To complete the puzzle, place all the numbers from a single path within the grid. Published in Japan and now available in the United Stated.

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Bandai amazed us again as usual, now with the Luminodisc the tomorrow's High Tech spinning top. It looks 'dead' when its static and comes to life when spun. Luminodisc has many addictive party games. In these games the player needs to prove his quickness and strength qualities. For example, trying to spin as many rotations as possible, trying to hit 150 rotations in 10 seconds and trying to reach "Just 100", which requires the player to stop at the 100th revolution exactly - no more, no less. When not played, the Luminodisc can be used also as a magnetic compass, as it displays all four directions in their initials on the LED display.

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The game that reinvented the hand-held game world. In the United States alone, without any warning, millions of people were eager turn the lights out. The game contains 5x5 squares that can be turned on or off. It starts when some squares lights are turned on randomly and the player needs to turn off all the squares on the board. The rule is easy: by pressing one of the squares it will change its mode from lit up to shut or from shut to lit up. The same applies for all those squares that connect horizontally and vertically with the chosen square.


Nim-X is an exciting and very powerful game which is a true challenge. The Nim-X tests your wits and strategies, and compares them with your friends by playing against them or against the computer. If you play against the computer, Nim-X learns how to play you, and the higher your level is, the better it plays. The objective of the game is to force your opponents to turn off the last light and as a result to lose the game. In each turn a player may turn off any number of illuminated lights by pressing the first and last lights in a row, and their consecutive which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Now let’s see if you dare, can you beat it?


How does it work? While I-Top rotates it can display a 2D round image. Part of its magic comes from the fact that it is not connected to anything and does not need any external device. The player spins the I-Top by hand just like a regular spinning top. All the rest is done automatically.
One button press allows selection of several options:

  1. "Top this": get highest score
  2. "Match Top": hit the target number
  3. "Top speed": spin as fast as you can
  4. Mystic Top": predict future with the I-Top And more...(hidden things)..

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